• Development and integration of advanced atmospheric optics systems including adaptive beam projection, laser communications, laser target tracking and imaging systems
  • Predictive numerical simulation of atmospheric effects on optical system's performance
  • Atmospheric turbulence and wavefront sensing, wavefront control and image processing algorithms and hardware development.


Intelligent Optics Products

  • Through its innovative research, Optonicus commercializes advanced products for Intelligent Optical Systems answering both software and hardware requirements.


Research Partnerships

  • Optonicus is a hot technology company pioneering Intelligent Optical Systems. Optonicus participates in joint research with leading academic and government institutions.

From Research to Industry

Optonicus leverages advanced research to help customers make their optical systems truly intelligent. The company's products have many applications in different markets.


  • Atmospheric Imaging
  • Laser Communications
  • Laser TargetTracing
  • Directed Energy
  • Remote Sensing


  • National Security
  • Telecommunications
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Laser Material Processing

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